Mega Heroes Ignoring Pro-YCP Actors? Not True!

A shocking rumour (Mega Heroes imposing a ban on Pro-YCP Actors) began doing rounds. In reality, There is no truth what-so-ever in the speculation circulated with vested interests.

Actually, Posani and Pruthvi were roped for Allu Arjun-Trivikram's upcoming flick. Posani, however, couldn't attend the shoot due to health issues. That is when Makers asked Pruthvi to adjust his dates accordingly for combination scenes. Pruthvi conveyed he can't do that because of prior commitments and hence he was replaced.

Rumourmongers had blown this adjustment in the Casting out of proportion projecting it as a ban on Pro-YCP Actors. If that is true, Then why Makers hadn't replaced even Posani who is a YCP Loyalist. It's only because of Posani, Producers have gone to the extent of delaying the shoot of combination scenes.

Mega Heroes are matured enough to treat films and politics differently. They would never hesitate to work with any Actor or Technician without bothering about their political inclinations.

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