How Serious Is Sharwanand's Injury?

Sunshine Hospital MD Gurava Reddy informed media about the health condition of Sharwanand post the 11-hours long surgery. He claims to have known him since the past 15 years and like a family member.

Gurava Reddy: 'Sharwanand's Shoulder Bone got fractured while shooting a movie in Thailand. It's a multiple fracture, 5-6 breaks. Our Team of Doctors performed a 4-hour surgery Yesterday. Scans showed the surgery is successful. 10-15 screws and 2 plates were used to fix it. We are keen to correct the shoulder dislocation immediately. As it's the right shoulder, There would be some stiffness. Sharwanand will be back to entertain all of you, but it takes time. He needs physiotherapy for a period of two months. Other than that, Sharwa suffered a minor foot fracture. He is very healthy, shifted him to room from ICU and will be discharged within 2 days. Through physiotherapy, His shoulder will be brought back to normal in the coming days'.

Initially, Media reported that Sharwanand will be back in action within couple of weeks. Doctors, however, insisted he needs 8 weeks of bed rest.

Injury might delay the release of '96' by at least couple of months. 'Ranarangam', on the other hand, could release as per schedule.
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