Is Prabhas a Thief Or a Conman?

Dhoom-2's villain Hrithik Roshan made it a challenge to design a brilliant conman for Indian filmmakers. As the movie is still loved after 13 years, we see various actors trying such characters.

Prabhas in Saaho is said to be a high level conman who enters the underworld posing as a spy for revenge and some people say that he is a thief who plans to dupe everyone as a Spy for rare historic diamond.

Both the versions seem to be true as Sujeeth Sign did not give any kind of clues about his character in the teaser expect confirming that he has ''Die-hard Fans!''

Shraddha Kapoor on the other hand confirmed that she is playing a cop. She said, ''The gun became a part of my body by the end of the shoot and I am happy to play a cop. I always wanted to be seen in such a role!''

She did not reveal much about the story and the teaser tries to give us a hint that story revolves around her.

Anyways, Prabhas is highly confident about the movie and the film will have many clever one-liners coupled with big action sequences to keep audiences engaged, it seems.

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