Rana Shuts Trollers' Mouths In Style

Rana Daggubati who entered the industry as the son of leading producer Suresh Babu succeeded in gaining his own identity and became one of the stars only with his talent and passion towards his work.

The 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum' actor recently attended an interview by noted web media and reacted on nepotism. "No film school in India is producing great filmmakers. We're great filmmakers only by our skill, whether that is learned or practiced" said Rana claiming that calling someone a product of nepotism is extremely wrong. "If your father runs a chemical factory, then you will know everything about that industry. In the same way, my father is a producer, mother ran a film laboratory and my uncle is an actor. So naturally, I know the trade well. All the star kids know the process as they have been in cinemas for a long time. How can you call it nepotism instead of saying that they are well experienced?" Questioned Rana.

"For the insiders, it is easy to get the first chance. But afterward, they have to prove their own skill set to sustain. Whether the skill came through family or in college, skill is a skill" concluded, Rana.
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