Will Lakshminarayana Quit Jana Sena?

Speculations are abuzz that Former CBI JD Lakshminarayana could be quitting Jana Sena Party anytime soon. If the reports in circulation are to be believed, Lakshminarayana was disappointed for not being able to give tough fight to YCP Candidate MVV Satyanarayana contesting on Jana Sena Ticket in Visakha Lok Sabha Constituency. He seems to be of the feeling that joining BJP could be a well-calculated move.

Actually, BJP, AAP and Lok Satta were the political parties which invited JD Lakshminarayana when he took voluntary retirement. He even contemplated on joining TDP at one stage but refrained from doing so due to criticism from YCP. Finally, The Former CBI JD preferred Jana Sena but he settled for the 3rd position in Visakha Lok Sabha Segment in the recent election.

If Lakshminarayana joins BJP, There can't be a bigger blow to the Jana Sena Party than that. Will someone like Lakshminarayana change the party just because he faced defeat? Then, Would there be any difference between him and opportunistic politicians?

Post the defeat, Lakshminarayana told he keeps doing his work irrespective of victory or defeat. Does that mean he would fight back continuing in Jana Sena?
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