Guna 369 Teaser: Have The Potential!

Karthikeya left a mark of his own with 'RX 100'. After the disappointing 'Hippi', He is back this time with 'Guna 369'. A conscious attempt has been made it ensure this project is different from his past two films.

In 'Guna 369' promo, Karthikeya appears like a happy go lucky guy who would turn violent if anything happens to his loved ones. Female Leader Anagha steals the show with her girl-next-door role. Sai Kumar's voice over, high-octane emotion and good background score offers a positive feeling about this project.

Arun Jandyala, a protege of Boyapati Seenu, makes his directorial debut as director with 'Guna 369'. Music is by Chaithan Bharadwaj. Tirumal Reddy and Anil Kadiyali bankrolled this project under SG Movie Makers banner.

Overall, 'Guna 369' appears to be a perfect film for Karthikeya to consolidate his market. Success of this flick is very crucial for the career of 'RX 100' Hero.

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