Dr K Laxman Signals Launch Of Operation Lotus In Telangana

Is the BJP in Telangana on a path of recovery? Is it going to emerge as the most powerful party? Will it attract talent from outside? Will there be defections from other major parties? Will there be large-scale joining? Has Ram Madhav been entrusted with the last of Operation Kamal? The answer for all these questions is a resounding ‘Yes.’

The BJP is in unassailable position at the Centre. At the state level, it has done very well in the Lok Sabha elections and  this has energised the party cadre. They feel that the Central leadership has now focused on the State politics and is trying to strengthen the party.

Senior hand and loyal party man Kishan Reddy has been made a minister. Also, leaders like Komatireddy Rajagopala Reddy are being contacted. Komatireddy feels that his future would be bright in the BJP.  The latest is that leaders from the TDP are also looking towards the BJP. What more, even some members of the ruling TRS are in contact with the BJP leadership.  It is in light of these things that BJP state chief Laxman has announced that there would be large scale joining in the BJP. He said several leaders from other parties are in touch with the BJP. Even the BJP workers are brimming with confidence. They now feel that they can beat the TRS. Even the high command feels that the Telangana is within its reach.

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