Manmadhudu-2 Director Trolls The Trollers!

Manmadhudu is a classic for the current generation as the movie's comedy aged well and it is still being able to generate audiences of younger ages.

So, using the title and saying Manmadhudu-2, did not sit well with the fans of Nagarjuna and the film. The teaser showed Nag lip-locking with young actresses and that did not sit down well too, with many.

Amala Akkineni indirectly said that the people are forgetting that Nag is an actor and he is just acting in those scenes. Rahul Ravindran, the director of the film, trolled the trolls.

Because of his singer and activist wife, Chinmayi Sripada, he is called many names as a house-husband and so. The director occasionally reacts to them but maintains a dignity.

This time too, he replied to a person saying that the people are so possessive about the title that they are feeling like he took some kind of their property. He asked people to chill and enjoy the film than abusing him.
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