First Official Update On Bigg Boss 3

When Natural Star Nani stepped down as the host for Bigg Boss TV show, there were rumors that the organizers will stop continuing the TV show that is generating a lot of revenues for Star MAA channel. But, the sources close to the show organizers confirmed us that the show will not be taken down and instead, they will get a new host on board.

Last year, by this time, the second season of Bigg Boss TV show went on AIR. But now, there is no clarity on the host and the contestants in the third edition. But, to put an end to all the speculations, the Star MAA management has come up with an official announcement on the TV show.

The Star MAA management released a promo of Bigg Boss 3 and announced that the show is coming soon to entertain the viewers. With this, the speculations on the show have come down. By the end of this month, the management is planning to reveal the name of the third season host.
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