Kohli Walks Off Despite Being Not Out

Virat Kohli stunned everyone by walking off despite being not out during the match against Pakistan on Sunday. The Indian Skipper assumed he had nicked a bouncer bowled by Mohammed Amir that went straight into the gloves of Sarfaraz. He left the pitch without even waiting for the Umpire's call.

The Indian Captain displayed true sportsmanship by walking off when he thought he nicked the bounder. However, TV Replays showed Kohli's bat hadn't come in touch with the ball.

Twitter is flooded with Funny Memes after Virat Kohli's unusual dismissal. A Netizen wrote, 'Breaking: Kohli finally encounters someone who can get him out - himself'.

Another Netizen commented, 'Kohli offered his wicket even when he wasn't out, nothing much just a gift from the Father on Father's Day'.
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