Will Devendra Fadnavis Attend Kaleswaram Project Launch?

Will the prestigious Kaleswaram project inauguration turn into a huge political game for KCR? Will it test his nerves and political wizardy? KCR wanted the Kaleswaram project launch to be a big event that gives him wide publicity and positions him as a man who keeps his word. He wants to use the event to gain publicity especially after the poor show in the recent Lok Sabha elections, where the Congress and the BJP have snatched away at least six MP seats from him.

But, both the BJP and the Congress are trying to ensure that the programme ends up as a flop show. KCR wanted the Prime Minister to attend the programme on June 21. But, Modi has indicated that he is unavailable. KCR wanted both AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Maharashtra CM  Devendra Fadnavis to attend the programme. Even small praises by these two leaders could be amplified by his media houses in Telangana  so that he is positioned as a national-level leader. But, the Congress has asked Jagan not to attend the meeting as it is a mere publicity exercise. Meanwhile, the state BJP too has asked Devendra Fadnavis not to attend the programme as the BJP 'gets nothing out of it' and that KCR will use the event for his own benefit. BJP national general secretary Muralidhar Rao and party state president Dr K Laxman have reportedly asked Fadnavis to not to attend the programme.

The local BJP had always complained that KCR has cleverly used the visits of the Central ministers to gain publicity. Many a time, KCR managed to twist the comments of the Central ministers to his advantage. The local BJP does not want this to happen in Modi 2.0.
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