Rahul Gandhi To Do A Nationwide Padayatra Soon?

Is Rahul Gandhi planning a massive North to South padayatra? Is this going to be his come-back vehicle? If Congress insiders are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi is thinking of doing something very big in the days to come. He will walk from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is a massive people's connect programme and meet people from all walks of life during the yatra. He hopes this will not only establish his connect with the people, but also breathe life into the party. He feels that he should step down as the president of the party and launch this yatra at the earliest possible date.

Rahul Gandhi is realising that this is the only way to take on Narendra Modi, who is  becoming increasingly stronger by each passing day. He feels that being Prime Minister Modi will not be able to undertake such yatra and this will give him an advantage over Modi.

After the election debacle, it has become clear that the party is really in a very bad shape. The party has some standing only in Kerala and Punjab alone. At least eight seats it got from Tamil Nadu are courtesy DMK. Across North India and West India, the party has come a cropper. So, the party is clearly on a ventilator and needs life support. Something very big like the Padayatra has to be taken out. Hence Rahul Gandhi is said to be working out the nitty gritty.
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