It's like a Quran, Bible & Gita For Me: Jagan

AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy didn't mind saying that land acquisition

in the Capital region during TDP regime was a huge scam. He accused Babu's Benamis of purchasing vast area of land in Amaravati for throwaway prices by diverting people with rumours.

Jagan complains Land Pooling wasn't implemented properly by the TDP Government. According to him, Compensation was paid to whoever TDP Leadership wants and at whatever prices it wishes.

YCP Chief made it clear he doesn't have any enmity with Chandrababu Naidu but claimed to be having the responsibility to protests the state's interests as a Chief Minister. He pledged to expose the scams happened during TDP rule and call for fresh tenders in the projects where corruption happened to identify the lowest bidders.

Yuva Neta claimed Manifesto is like a Quran, Bible and Gita for him. He wishes to ensure liquor sales happen only on 5-star hotels by 2024 elections.

Jaganmohan Reddy reiterated that cases against him are politically motivated. He explained no cases were booked until his father was alive and as long as he continued in the Congress Party. 'What quid-pro-quo? Neither did I visited secretariat nor called any minister when my father was CM. Actually, I used to stay in Bangalore and visit Hyderabad once in few months,' he said.

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