Anurag Kashyap Finds Jagan Story Interesting But Fans Worry About RGV!

Ram Gopal Verma has been trying to maintain a good relationship with Jagan and YCP ever since he made Lakshmi's NTR and NCBN tried everything in his armour to stop the release of the film.

Chandra Babu Naidu even did not let RGV and Producer of the film to enter Vijayawada to talk about the movie. This triggered RGV to even troll NCBN hard.

The latest election mandate has made RGV even more brutal in his attack against CBN. Now, he is planning get one the court issues and release the movie in AP, for sure.

At this point of time, wrote about how Jagan has become the target of TDP and Yellow Media in 2007-08, forcing him to come forward and start Sakshi media to counter their relentless campaign of corruption against him.

It came to a point where, even hardcore supporters of YSR said that they believe in YSR but not Jagan. Known for his aggressive nature, Jagan did try to attack fire with fire and situation worsened.

When his father died, shortly after coming to power in 2009, Congress tried to make him bend the knee in front of them but he decided to be a rebel. He asked for succession of power and they instead started harassment with cases on his properties and people believed that he is a corrupt person.

He had to spend 16 months in jail after CBI court ordered him to be in remand in 2012. This prompted him to come up with YSRCP and Congress continued the harassment further with more cases.

Later, in 2014, this very name as corrupt to core became a hurdle for Jagan to win election in newly formed state of AP. CBN and his government continued to hit him with same corruption charges and insults all the time.

But he dared them all by going to public and walk across the state for 5 years. He secured a thumping majority in 2019 election even though still he is not exonerated from 31 cases.

Well, the article about his story did impress Anurag Kashyap, Bollywood director and he tweeted, "This is a brilliant film waiting to be made..."

While Jagan fans are happy that a National famed director found such interest in their favorite's story, they are worried that RGV could say, "Dibs" and make a film on it.

Even though he is pro-Jagan, the filmmaker lost his touch and form long back causing all the more worry to fans!
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