Jagan's Diktat To His Party Leaders About Corruption

Jagan got all the bad name that one can imagine as the corrupt son of a great leader like YS Rajasekhar Reddy. By the end of first term as Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, YSR foes constructively attacked his government of massive corruption and the major target turned out to be Jagan.

Now, many believe that Jagan is corrupt to the core and some believe that he isn't and some say that even if he is, who cares, as no one in politics is pure.

People of Andhra Pradesh gave clear majority to Jagan and a landslide victory with 150 seats in Assembly and no credible opposition except for TDP, who are reduced to muppets.

This gives incredible amount of Power to YSRCP leaders and Jagan cautioned his senior leaders and juniors on the same.

He said, "If I find anybody is involved in any kind of corruption then that will be the last day for him/her in the party even if they belong to my own kin.

Party is already facing many charges of corruption and has such an image that is created by opposition very strongly too. I don't want that to be the truth and want people to know that I and we are all here to give them good governance!"

Well, people have given their verdict against corrupt MLAs of previous government and as YSRCP is going to form government their CM elect, and party president issued a diktat against corruption too. But will that be enough for MLAs and Ministers to not involve some kind of corruption at some level? Only time will tell!
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