JSP Defeat: Why Everyone Missed This Angle?

Ever since the counting day, Everyone has been making a hue & cry over the dismal performance of Jana Sena Party which won only one Assembly Seat and secured 7 percent vote share. Was it really that bad?

Needless to say that both TDP and YCP Candidates spent crores in almost every constituency to win. Whereas, Jana Sena Candidates had either refrained from bribing voters or distributed nominal amount in comparison to the two well established parties. Inspite of not bribing the voters, Jana Sena was able to secure a decent vote share.

There were allegations of PRP Leadership offering tickets to those aspirants who offered huge amount of party fund. In the case of Jana Sena, Not even a single such allegation was made by anyone. In fact, Pawan Kalyan himself ordered party candidates not to bribe the voters.

May be, Jana Sainiks were disappointed as they expected wonders to happen in the first attempt. But, They should look at the larger picture and accept the fact that they were travelling in a tough path. Revolutionary change happens once in decades...relentless fight & patience is the key!
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