A School Principal Acts Barbarously For Fees!

At different levels of education, that is from LKG to PG, different people have different ways to cope up with fee demands over the time.

Some prefer breaking their backs and paying off bills by first of any month. Some take time due to financial issues and some try to play with emotions of management and other people involved using caste, political equations. Some just don't care, they change schools whenever they are asked to pay fees.

Different School managements deal with them differently but no one is allowed to be barbarous and insensitive as children are highly impressionable.

A school principal in Ludhiana, Punjab decided to stamp on the hands of student, Harshdeep Singh to remind his parents about fee due.

Parents of Singh, studying in 7th class were going through a financial situation and they said that they will clear off dues of their daughter and son at a time on 25th May. They had to pay a sum of 8,000/- cumulatively.

As Harshdeep came without a bag to attend the exam abiding to the rules of the school, Principal decided to stamp on his hands about fee due. Normally, such things are written in school diary or a memo is issued to the parents.

But this act doesn't just humilate the kid it will also give others a chance to mock him exposing condition of Singh's family to others too. This act of insensitivity hasn't gone unnoticed by DED and DEO, promised that he will take action on the incident.

Principal though agreed that he did stamp on the kid and wondered that he doesn't understand why parents are making it an issue! Need we say anything more about this person?

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