Swara Bhaskar's Tweets Make BJP Supporters Angry!

Swara Bhaskar, the actress-writer-aspiring director in Hindi Cinema decided to fight against BJP and Campaign against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in 2019 elections.

She campaigned for victory of people like Kanhaiya Kumar, who all have been against Modi's Government saying that it is encouraging polarisation in India with respect to caste, creed and religion.

Well, the results are out and India voted for Narendra Modi again and BJP supporters wanted to gloat about this victory. They hoped Swara Bhaskar would be silent when they troll her.

But she congratulated Modi and off-handedly reminded him that he is PM of every Indian Citizen,

"Congrats 2 PM @narendramodi on a spectacular victory. As citizens of democracy v respect the outcome & wishes of the electorate. Hope he lives up 2 his promise of working for an inclusive India. He is the PM of India, all of India, including the India that didn’t vote for him."

This did not go down well with BJP supporters and they started attacking. They asked her at least learn to accept election mandate without being cynical.

But they really lost it when she commented that India is nothing different to Pakisthan as it elected Pragya Thakur to Parliament.

"Yayyyeeeee for New beginnings #India ! First time we are sending a terror accused to Parliament  Woohoooo! How to gloat over #Pakistan now??!??? #LokSabhaElectionResults20"

Many Pragya Thakur supporters and BJP sympthetisers started abusing Swara for this tweet insult. The actress is still making her point saying that electing Pragya Thakur is death of democracy in India.
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