Is Mahesh Being Put In a Delusion?

Delusion is normally state of mind that is associated with creating false reality and making a person believe that it is true. So, is Mahesh being put in a delusion?

Some of the producers, distributors and exhibitors including fans of Mahesh are feeling the same. They are unable to understand, how come an introvert like Mahesh is acting too hyper?

He never raised his shirt collar so many times. Never publicly kissed a director and never wrote so much about a film. He always maintained a dignified distance from such activities and even cracked jokes about people who indulged in such things.

Fans who used to back him up on everything, also felt like the hero suddenly lost sense of reality. His major market Overseas areas almost rejected Maharshi.

Ceded area where Okkadu, Pokiri, Dookudu created records has become his weakest and in both areas movie is going to end up as loss venture.

Even in other areas, the belief is that movie could end up with minor losses. Except UA and Nizam, all areas in second week are said to be playing with 15-20% occupancies only.

Still, Mahesh declared the movie as his best and tried to say that it is a classic. Producers are unable to correct him and this all is said to be director Vamshi Paidipally's doing.

 He is using all his "management" skills to keep Mahesh in the belief that Maharshi worked big time, it seems. The director did let the film go over the budget by 40 crores and even crossed the deadlines by several months, it seems.

Due to his inability, he did go for re-shoots multiple times and producers have expressed dissatisfaction about his work with others, it seems.

It is the director who insisted on such a promotional plan and even accompanied Mahesh everywhere to see that hero knows only half-truths that will benefit him, it seems.

In any case, producers are not sure about taking Vamshi Paidipally for another film as they know the truth, say sources. We don't know how much of these rumours are true but certainly, Mahesh seemed to have not commented Maharshi too early and too much, which gave these kind of rumours wings!

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