End of The Road For Pawan Kalayn?

Is it the end of the road for Jana Sena and its chief Pawan Kalyan? With the exit polls literally predicting doom for him, what will happen to Pawan and his party now? The party came with a bang and ended with a whimper. Unfortunately, Pawan entered into shady secret deals with the very people he should have fought and this has ended the political career of many promising leaders of his party. They promised unexpected results and now might have to face 'unexpected' outcome from the polls. If the exit polls are any indication, Pawan is thoroughly and completely rejected.

With most polls predicting a maximum of five seats in the assembly, there appears to be no future for Jana Sena. Though Lagadapati gave one MP seat, the other surveys have given zilch to the party. In effect, the polls have shown that there is no space for a third party in AP. If these exit polls are any indication, even Bheemavaram and Gajuwaka – the two seats that Pawan Kalyan contested from – too are doubtful.

It is clear that the people of the state have seen through the double game that jana Sena played. Outwardly opposing the TDP, it colluded with the TDP. Not one survey is sure that Jana Sena will win even a single Lok Sabha seat. The people appear to have rejected the double game of the party. It has failed to garner anti-TDP votes because YSRCP was seen as the party that took on Chandrababu Naidul. The people have clearly felt that Babu was using Pawan to divert the votes that would otherwise go to the YSRCP.

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