BJP MLA Wishes To See CBN As CM Again

BJP Legislator Vishnu Kumar Raju showed his loyalty to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu yet again. He was the only BJP MLA who kept maintaining good relations with TDP Leadership even after the Ruling Party walked out of NDA. At one stage, There was strong buzz that Vishnu Kumar Raju will contest from TDP Ticket from Visakha North Constituency. He, however, refrained from joining Telugu Desam for reasons best known to him.

Ahead of the counting day, Vishnu Kumar Raju disclosed that he wishes to see Chandrababu Naidu as CM of Andhra Pradesh again.

When all the BJP Leaders have been predicting the down fall of Telugu Desam, Vishnu Kumar Raju continued to behave like a TDP Loyalist. Actually, Vishnu Kumar Raju was the one who made a hue & cry over the Visakha Land Scam which happened during TDP Rule. Only he could explain what is the reason behind his recent statement. Don't be surprised if Vishnu Kumar Raju shifts to TDP if Chandrababu Naidu retains power.

In case if his wish doesn't come true, Vishnu Kumar Raju will be in big trouble as BJP Leadership could take disciplinary action and YCP won't welcome TDP's loyalist.

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