Will Ramoji Play Mediator Between Modi, Babu?

Why did Chandrababu heli-hop to Ramoji Film City to meet Ramoji Rao post haste? While the rumour mill is spinning stories after stories, the truth is Chandrababu has gone to RFC as wants to kiss and make up with Ramoji, who was once his political guru. Ramoji, who was dubbed Rajaguruvu by critics for his influence on Chandrababu, has of late kept a distance from Chandrababu. Sources close to them say that Ramoji did not appreciate Chandrababu becoming friendly with the Congress, which he had all along hated. It is being said that he did not like Chandrababu moving away from the BJP and cozying up to the Congress. In fact, Ramoji had filed an affidavit in the court in connection with the Margadarsi case and swore that he is anti-Congress.  Naturally, distance has grown between both on this issue.

Sources say Chandrababu has gone to meet Ramoji to iron out these issues. He is said to have explained under what conditions he had to go over to the Congress and sought Ramoji's help in mending fences with Modi, who, in all likelihood, will again be the Prime Minister for five more years.

So, will the Raja Guruvu step in and mediate between both Babu and Modi?
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