Photo Story: 37-Year-Old In White Bikini!

Shama Sikander has never got the attention she wished for as a Performer on the screen but she is making the heads turn with her social media posts. Isn't she appearing pleasing to the eye in that white swimwear? The beach view has only enhanced the overall appeal.

While sharing her bikini pic, Shama Sikander offered a pep talk about personality development. She preached that one shouldn't ignore the inner voice which tells you to keep going, be strong and believe in you. 'You have passion and you are beautifully gifted. Please don't hide that from the world. Explore your deeper self & show yourself what you're capable of. Don't stop until that little part inside of you is proud...,' says the Actress.

May be, This Philosophy is making Shama Sikander not give up inspite of making her debut with Aamir Khan's 'Mann' way back in 1999.

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