Maharshi Not Performing Well In Two Territories

Box Office Performance of 'Maharshi' has been surprising to say the least. While the landmark flick is doing exceedingly well in few territories, It's not up to the expectations in some others.

'Maharshi' underperformed in Overseas. While the Distribution Rights were sold out for Rs 12.5 crore & Others Expenses took the total investment to anywhere around Rs 13.5 crore. This Mahesh Babu-starrer mayn't gonna collect Rs 8.5 crore in the full run.

On the other hand, Revenue generation in Ceded where the rights were sold for around Rs 12.6 crore isn't up to the mark. Collections might end up anywhere close to Rs 9 crore in the full run.

Nizam is the first territory where 'Maharshi' will enter profit zone. While Rights were valued at Rs 22 crore, Revenue Generation in the first week surpassed Rs 20 crore-mark (Share).

Uttar Andhra and Guntur are the two other territories where 'Maharshi' will be in a safe zone. In rest of the territories, A judgement can be reached only after the second weekend.

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