Did Pro-TDP Media Accept YCP Victory?

Since the Polling Day, Pro-TDP Media kept reporting about the high possibility of Chandrababu Naidu retaining power. These media houses seems to have changed their stand ahead of the counting day.

A Media House came up with a banner story - 'Rs 56,000 crore will be required to implement Poll Promises of YS Jaganmohan Reddy'. It conveys that Officials of the Finance Department has begun working on the financial resources needed for implementation of YCP Manifesto.

Whether Pro-TDP Media has began accepting that YS Jaganmohan Reddy have better chances of winning 2019 Elections. Or Was it an attempt to convey that poll promises of YCP would put huge burden on the state exchequer?

Whatever Media might say, They willn't be able to change the people mandate which gonna be out on May 23rd. When 80 percent of the eligible voters used their right, Nobody could resort to lame excuses for the defeat. Just few more days for the verdict!
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