Nani Turns Leader For a Thief Gang

Natural Star Nani is one star hero in the industry who tries to juggle with various kinds of films. For some time, he was stuck with the same formulaic movies but as they didn't give him the great box office numbers, he started trying out new kinds of roles, again. Recently, he was seen in an emotionally driven film Jersey.

Nani's performance was highly appreciated in the film and even the movie did well at the box office. Next, he will be seen in Gang Leader, which is being directed by Vikram K Kumar. Touted to be a crime comedy, Nani will be seen as a leader to a small time thieves gang in the movie.

Apparently, he will be heading the group of women thieves who ages from 10-80 years. The screenplay written by Vikram is said to be unique and will entertain the audience throughout. Let's see what Nani has in store with this movie. It will be released during the latter half of this year.

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