Mahesh Babu Raises Collar Yet Again

Unusual behaviour of Mahesh Babu has been continuing since the release of 'Maharshi'. Superstar kept doing all the stuff he never did in his career, be it raising his collar or kissing Vamshi Paidipally.

The other day, Mahesh Babu visited Sudarshan Theatre at RTC X Roads. Upon watching the film for sometime in the presence of Fans, Prince got hold of the mike to proudly raise his collar while expressing his happiness about the collections of 'Maharshi'. This moment has gone viral on the social media.

There were mixed reactions on Mahesh Babu's collar raising moments. While Hardcore Male Fans have been feeling proud about it, Female Fans aren't really bothered about such heroic feats. As expected, Anti-Fans began trolling Mahesh with the tag of 'Collar Babu'.

Actual stamina of 'Maharshi' will be known by the end of second weekend. Can it cross the Rs 100 crore (share) by that time?
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