Pro-Babu Bureaucrats Make A Beeline To YSRCP Leaders

With just about a week left for the election results, there is disquiet in the IAS and IPS officers of Andhra Pradesh. Amid reports that the YSRCP could ascend to power with comfortable majority, many officers who were close to the TDP establishment, are a worried lot. They would surely lose plum postings and proximity to portals of power. While some officers are looking at deputation postings in Delhi, others are looking to pacify the YSRCP leaders with regular visits to their houses.

Sources say that these officials, who had enjoyed patronage under the TDP bosses, are heard to be meeting the officials who were known to be sympathetic to the YSRCP to plead for help. They are asking these officials to talk to the YSRCP bosses and forgive their acts of commission and omission. Some IAS and IPS officials are even trying to meet their relatives in the YSRCP to placate YS Jagan.

Sources said that many have already begun making rounds of the homes of senior YSRCP leaders. It is being said that the officials are flocking to a senior YSRCP leader, who is said to be the eyes and ears of YS Jagan seeking 'sympathy' and support.
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