Is This Reason Why Chandrababu Met Ramoji?

Is there any connection between Chandrababu Naidu’s sudden visit to Ramoji Film City and the case against TV9's former CEO Ravi Prakash? The buzz in the city is that there is indeed some connection. Chandrababu Naidu, a big beneficiary of TV9’s pro-TDP coverage, reportedly tried to seen media baron Ramoji Rao's intervention in the case. The buzz also says that Ramoji could have been asked by Chandrababu to use his proximity with J Rameswara Rao of the My Home group, which is one of the promoters of Alandi group that bought shares from TV9's owner Srini Raju, to let Ravi Prakash off the hook.

Ravi Prakash now has a notice pending against him and fears arrest by the Telangana police. He has now gone into a hiding and is seeking help from Chandrababu Naidu. So, according to highly placed sources, Chandrababu flew straight from Amaravati and landed at the Film City to meet Ramoji Rao to seek help. Sources also said that the polling trends in the Lok Sabha and the possibility of forming a non-BJP Government too figured during the discussions. However, the main thrust was  to bail out Ravi Prakash. Chandrababu is said to have held consultations with the industrialists and influencers from a particular caste group.

The problems are mounting for Ravi Prakash  after the High Court rejected his petition for an urgent hearing. He now fears he could be arrested and interrogated for fund diversion to his own channel.
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