Will Congress Adopt Karnataka Formula In Lok Sabha?

With the polling drawing to a close, the Opposition parties have now begun hectic lobbying for post-poll scenario. The Opposition parties, which strongly feels that Modi may not get the absolute majority and may have to depend on the support of other parties, are trying to come together to present a  viable alternative. The foremost question before the Congress is how to prevent Modi from coming to power.

In Karnataka, the Congress was faced with similar situation. To prevent the BJP from coming to power, it had extended support to a junior party that had far too less number of seats. It had supported Kumaraswamy of Janata Dal (secular) as the Chief Minister and joined the front that was led by a junior partner. Despite murmurs of protest from within, it went ahead with the agreement/ This has helped them to prevent the BJP from coming to power in a southern state.

Now, will the Congress do the same in the Lok Sabha this time? Will it extend support to a party or leader who gets just about half of the MP seats and agree to work under him or her? Will preventing the BJP to come to power take precedence over party’s expansion objectives? Let's wait and see how things unfold after May 23.

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