Dil Raju Is Gaining Trust of All The Stars!

Producer Dil Raju has become the synonym of success in last 15 years in Telugu Cinema. He is also the biggest distributor in Nizam and as a producer he is on a mission to gain trust of stars too.

He did gain audiences for his films and made sure that his name is enough for at least few people to come and watch his films.

Now, he is gaining trust of biggest stars in current Telugu Cinema. Already he has a great bond with Allu Arjun, he has grown closer to Venkatesh and Mega Family.

He made friends with Nani, he is eyeing Vijay Devarakonda from last year and Mahesh seems to have grown complete trust on him.

Mahesh accepted him to produce his 25th film, only when Vamshi Paidipally, the director wanted his involvement. Otherwise, movie was to be produced by C. Ashwini Dutt or PVP. Dil Raju could work with them all and make it a three producer film.

Mahesh looking at his grip on social media promotions and even on the distribution system, he is happy to do a full fledged film for him, it seems.

Mahesh himself asked for Dil Raju to be presenter or co-producer of Anil Ravipudi film. Post release of Maharshi, looking at the media management of Dil Raju, he wants to work with him more and more regularly  it seems.

Dil Raju seems to have developed a knack of winning hearts and he might be able to get any hero's dates whenever he wishes just like YRF or Karan Johar in Hindi market.


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