NDTV Prediction: BJP Hawa In UP?

Winning 71 out of 80 MP Seats in Uttar Pradesh helped BJP attain magic figure on its own in 2014 Elections. Several Pre-Poll Surveys had predicted that BJP will end up losing at least half of the seats it won in the last elections. As per the latest analysis of NDTV, BJP is still a dominant force in Uttar Pradesh with the support of all the sections except SCs and Minorities.

SP-BSP-RLD contested together in 2019 Polls. They offered only 2-3 Seats for Congress and hence the talks weren't successful. That is when Congress introduced Priyanka Gandhi as the UP In-Charge. Priyanka campaigned extensively in UP and even Congress Candidates were strong enough to fight the battle fiercely. Only because of Priyanka Gandhi, Congress Candidates in UP managed to increase the people's support by 10 percent. In that way, Anti-BJP Vote got divided between Congress and SP-BSP-RLD Combine.

Among Backward Classes, 55 percent support BJP and 35 percent back SP-BSP. Congress attained 10 percent support.

In addition, Upper Castes have been supportive of BJP in this elections as well. In fact, It's 15 percent more than 2014 Trend. While Congress received 10 percent, SP-BSP gets 5 percent.

Ujjwal Scheme worked wonders for BJP. More number of Youth are in favour of Modi. All these factors could help BJP win good number of MP Seats in 2019 as well.

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