Absconding Ravi Prakash Offers Special Interview

Former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, who is facing the charges of forgery and misuse of funds, has been absconding since few days. He skipped the questioning twice inspite of the notices from Cyber Crime Department.

While remaining in the under-ground, Ravi Prakash offered a special interview to a media house. He revealed, 'When I came to the TV9 Office on May 10th, Cops told Me about the Shareholders Meeting happening at that time and warned Me that they would take Me into custody if I enter the office'.

Ravi Prakash claimed to have foiled the attempt made by My Home Group Rameswara Rao in 2016 for take over of TV9. He accused Rameswara Rao, who maintains good dealings with Telangana CM KCR, of having a political agenda and told he is a follower of Chinnajeeyar Swamy. He alleged, 'Rameswara Rao wished to take over TV9 for his political agenda and spreading spiritual ideology. That is why I had turned down his proposal'.

In response to a question, Ravi Prakash disclosed: 'In September 2018, I received a phone call from the news room when I was in the US. I-T Raids happened on Revanth Reddy at that time. I was informed by the Office Staff that Rameshwar's Son and Brother dictated how to cover that news. They tried to damage the image of their political rival in that way'.
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