Sex For 6 Days, 6 Times: Jack Ma Advices Employees

Recently, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma advised people to follow the spirit of '996', which means 9 am to 9 pm work for 6 days in a week. The Tech Industry has criticised the promotion of such kind of philosophy.

And now, China's Richest Man offered a free advise to the employees during Alibaba Staff's Mass Wedding which happens every year on May 10th (Ali Day). What is it all about? This time, He suggests people to follow the spirit of '669', which means 'Sex for 6 Days, 6 Times', for leading a good life.

The ‘669’ Philosophy kicked up a huge storm. Netizens questioned how could someone have the energy to do ‘669’ at home after ‘996’ work schedule?

Alibaba Group is making its employees work for 12 hours a day. Jack Ma says being able to work 996 is a bliss and those who wish to join this company need to be prepared for it.
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