Our Nuclear Weapons Aren't For Diwali: Modi

While addressing an election rally in Rajasthan, PM Narendra Modi recalled Strategic Experts issuing a warning over Pakistan's nuclear power. 'If Pakistan have the nuclear button, What do we have? Have we saved our nuclear bomb for Diwali?,' he questioned.

Modi claimed NDA Government wasn't scared of Pakistan's nuclear capabilities citing the counter attack with Balakot Air Strikes.

Responding on the criticism from Congress over raising national security issue during BJP Election Campaign, Modi maintained he have every right to talk about the valour of Military as the PM of India. 'What else should I do? Should I sing with a Bhajan Mandali?,' he asked.

NaMo stated NDA Government taught a lesson to Pakistan for the arrogance it has shown and forced it to roam around the world with a begging bowl. Finally, He concluded his speech saying casting your vote isn't only your responsibility as a citizen but also as an alert soldier.

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