Kajal's Sita Is Postponed To May!

Kajal Aggarwal's major film Sita with Bellamkonda Srinivas as the male lead, in the direction of Teja has been officially postponed.

Movie buzz has decreased considerably and even more importantly it looked like it will not theatres at all.

Even though Bellamkonda Srinivas did manage to get some openings and Kajal has a very recognisable affect on box office, many felt the movie doesn't have a chance against Avengers.

Also, Payal Rajput's song did not help the buzz at all. So, the producers decided to go with 24th May date and the new posters will come soon.

There will be a revamp in the promotional campaign also it seems. Teja could have to re-shoot some scenes as Abhishek Aggarwal, the person who bought the film asked him too.

Meanwhile, makers will try to get decent deals for the film in AP and Telangana, it seems.
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