JC Cries Foul Over Rs 50 Crore Election Expenditure

Post the elections, Seasoned Politicians are busy calculating the total expenditure. Leaders like JC Diwakar Reddy have been openly talking about the money politics. While Diwakar Reddy's Son Pavan Reddy contested from Anantapur Lok Sabha Segment, Prabhakar Reddy's Son Ashmit Reddy was fielded in Tadipatri Assembly Constituency on TDP Ticket.

JC Diwakar Reddy has declared that his family spent not less than Rs 50 crore in 2019 Elections by offering Rs 2,000 per vote. He complained, 'Voters have become very commercial. Some of them had even demanded up to Rs 5,000 per vote. Not just us, Other Candidates have been bribing the voters. In this election, Over Rs 10,000 crore of corrupt money was spent in that manner'.

Does JC Diwakar Reddy believes he has got the license to talk about bribing of voters openly just because he retired from electoral politics? Will Election Commission take action against the Senior Politician for making such shocking comments? JC's Comments would certainly irk Pavan Reddy and Ashmit Reddy.

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