Huge Betting On This Lok Sabha Seat And Why?

Know for which constituency betting  is being done the most? Wonder of wonders - not about any seat in Andhra Pradesh or in the city of Hyderabad – in Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency. Nizamabad was in the news for the large number of farmers entering the contest.  But, this became a high-profile elections as Chief Minister KCR's daughter Kavitha Kalwakuntla is the TRS candidate. As the election progressed, TRS rebel and former PCC chief D Srinivas' son Dharmapuri Aravind became a top contender. He contested on BJP ticket adn proved to be a tough nut to crack. There are indications that he polled large number of votes and many TRS workers too have shifted to him.

Many feel he has a fair chance of winning the election defeating Kavitha. If Kavitha loses, it would be serious loss of face for KCR. Many feel that the "Hindu Gallu Bondu Gallu" statement of KCR, which is seen as insulting to the Hindus, may have proved counter-productive for KCR. Now, after the elections, punters are hedging their bets on Aravind and many are betting huge amounts hoping for Kavitha's defeat.

While the BJP is banking on Hindu backlash and anger against the non-performance of Kavitha, the TRS is hoping that the Muslim voters have backed it to the hilt. The results would be out on May 23.
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