BJP's Whatsapp Army Gives Sleepless Nights To Mamta Didi

How to tackle violence-prone Trinamool goondas in West Bengal? The BJP believes it has the best answer and the answer is " Whatsapp." The BJP, which has realised that the over-ground supporters of the party are under attack by the Trinamool goons, has launched several whatsapp groups to reach out to its supporters to send information about the programmes and the ideology of the party.

Over 3000 such whatsapp groups are being run for West Bengal alone. These groups provide content exposing the misrule of Mamta Banerjee. The content is recycled through other social media groups to create a wave of discontentment against the TMC rule in West Bengal. Through this strategy, the BJP is able to reach out to the grassroots within no time. Large number of workers are being mobilised in no time for the BJP meetings . Sources said that over 9000 NRI Bengalees are working 24x7 to provide and spread the content. Several Whatsapp groups are so effective that the information is going viral within no time. The Trinamool is shocked at the response to the BJP programmes without any on-ground publicity. This is causing disquiet among the Trinamool leadership.

The BJP plans to increase the number of Whatsapp groups further to make more impact. The Party is hoping to win a significant number of seats in West Bengal this time.

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