Chiru - 200% Correct, Pawan - Theda Genes!

Banda Ganesh admits making the biggest mistake of his life by entering politics. 'I had realised that huge price should be paid if I continue in politics any longer. In politics, We need to speak blatant lies and offer bribes. Why do I need all such stuff? I am incapable of doing such kind of politics,' he confessed.

The Producer expressed his wish to see Rahul Gandhi as PM and Pawan Kalyan as CM. When quizzed if his dream comes true, He shot back: 'Why shouldn't that happen? Does the constitution say Pawan can't become CM? Anything can happen. Didn't Imran Khan become Pakistan PM?'.

Bandla Ganesh claimed to have realised why Chiranjeevi merged PRP with Congress in the past few months. 'Megastar don't want to be Kondavadu...He wishes to be Andarivadu. That's why he did a right thing. It's 200 percent correct decision! Chiranjeevi is like an everest. Don't compare Me with him just because I quit politics,' opined the Mega Fan.

At the same time, Bandla Ganesh feels Pawan Kalyan is capable of reaching greater heights in politics because of his character and 'theda' genes.
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