First Of It's Kind Elections In AP: Undavalli

Undavalli Arun Kumar believes 2019 AP Elections are first of it's kind and it will create a new trend in the country. He told TDP offering Rs 10,000 to the voters ahead of elections in the name of Pasupu-Kunkuma Scheme sets a new trend. He wondered if this practice of doing nothing for 5 years and bribing voters officially at the time of elections sets a bad precedent.

The Former MP opined it's not easy to judge whether DWAKRA Women voted for TDP due to Pasupu-Kunkuma Scheme or Followed the orders of their Husbands while casting their vote. He didn't mind saying Kapus aren't happy with TDP Government inspite of offering Reservations and  Corporation due to the manner in which they were treated.

Undavalli made it clear Jana Sena Party will have a huge impact in Godavari Districts. He did say, 'I will be happy to see YSR's Son Jagan as CM but that doesn't mean I am saying that he is going to form the government'.

The Two-Time MP foresees Presidential-kind of rule in the country if Narendra Modi-led NDA retains power.
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