5 Andhrites Touring Sri Lanka Had A Narrow Escape

As many as five Andhrites from Anantapur District had a close shave in Sri Lanka where serial bomb blasts happened at Churches and Hotels on Sunday.

SR Construction Company chief Amilineni Surendra Babu had suffered injuries in the bomb blast which took place at Shangri La Hotel in Colombo. Surendra Babu's Friends escaped unhurt.

The group of friends were on a vacation in Sri Lanka. A bomb exploded while they were having their breakfast. Surender Babu sustained minor injuries during the stampede. All of them had moved to a safe location immediately leaving their passports and luggage in the hotel itself.

Attempts made by Anantapur Police to contact Surendra Babu hasn't yielded results as the terror attack affected the communication network in the Island Nation. Over 200 people including several foreigners were killed the bomb blasts happened at 8 locations on April 21st. This is deadliest devastation in Sri Lanka in the past decade.
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