Naga Babu...Please Stop Confusing!

Educational Qualifications of Topbrass Politicians have been leading to a serious debate these days. We have seen that happen in the case of PM Narendra Modi, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi and Union Minister Smriti Irani. And now, None other than Pawan Kalyan joined the list with confusing statements from Mega Family.

In the affidavit submitted for contesting in 2019 Polls, Pawan Kalyan declared he was just 10th Pass. Few months ago, Jana Sena Chief issued different statements on his Intermediate Education. He claimed to have done CEC at a meeting, MPC during an other meeting. The Actor-turned-Politician was even trolled on social media with this video clip ahead of the 2019 Elections.

And now, A Statement issued by Naga Babu has been confusing public even more. 'Never did our Parents pressurised us to study a certain course. Education has now become very commercial. Annayya is a degree holder, one of our two sisters pursued MBBS and the other one has done degree. Pawan become an Degree holder in IT after completion of Intermediate,' he said.

There is already enough confusion over Pawan Kalyan's educational qualification. And now, Naga Babu is making it worse with a statement appearing to be far away from reality.
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