Why KCR Not Send Birthday Wishes To CBN?

Is not all still well between both the CMs of the twin Telugu states? Now that the elections are over, one expected them to mend fences and embrace each other. But, it seems KCR is hasn't forgotten Chandrababu Naidu's enmity towards him and is still not reconciled. Chandrababu heaped invectives on KCR during the runup to the AP elections. KCR hasn't taken kindly to this.

Even at the wedding of Ramoji Rao's grandchild, KCR and Chandrababu Naidu came at separate times so that they do not cross paths. One expected that both would talk peace. But, that was not to be. Another indicator is that though arch rival Narendra Modi and even KCR's son KTR have chosen to greet Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday on Saturday. But, KCR did not. Both Modi and KTR tweeted their wishes, but KCR was conspicuous by his silence.

Seems old enmities still persist. So, expect lot of heat in the coming days and lot more verbal duels between the two ex-colleagues and present CMs.

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