Row Over Rahul Gandhi's Nationality

Rahul Gandhi kept facing unexpected hurdles ever since he filed his nomination in Amethi to contest in 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. Doubts have been raised over the Nationality of the Congress President.

Dhruva Lal, an independent candidate from Amethi, challenged the affidavit submitted by Rahul Gandhi. He argues, 'Congress Chief claimed to be an UK Citizen on his nomination papers. A Non-Citizen of India can't contest elections. How he became a UK Citizen & how did he obtain Indian Citizenship now? We appealed the Returning Officer not to accept the nomination of Rahul Gandhi until there is a clarity on this matter'.

Mr.Lal's Lawyer Prakash recalls Rahul declared about his investment in a UK-based Company in 2004 affidavit and he was projected as a British Citizen by the company (BackOps Ltd) in 2005. He adds, 'If an individual become a citizen of another country, He/She will end up losing Indian Citizenship'.

Upon receiving the complaint, Returning Officer decided to hold the scrutiny of Rahul Gandhi's nomination at 10.30 am on Monday (April 22nd).
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