Proof: CBN-PK Dostana Continues!

As the 2019 AP Elections has been completed already, Those Political Leaders who crossed swords during the poll campaigning have been mingling in a friendly manner at private functions. Video clips of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan at the wedding ceremony of Ramoji Rao's Granddaughter has really surprised the Telugu People.

During the poll campaigning, Pawan Kalyan kept saying TDP isn't even a competitor for Jana Sena Party and levelled corruption allegations on the Ruling Party. He claimed to be treating YSR Congress Party as the main rival. But, The manner in which Pawan behaved in the presence of Chandrababu at the wedding ceremony made people believe the reports of secret deal.

Unpredictability of Jana Sena Chief has been confusing his own partymen and supporters. Nothing wrong about cordial approach, but there is something fishy about the equation between Pawan and Naidu. Focus of media shifted from the EVM issue to the bonding between these two leaders. Was it an indication that they wish to form the government collectively? If so, Ensuring that YCP doesn't attain magic figure is a must.
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