Focus Rested on Gowtham Tinnanuri

Gowtham Tinnanuri.. The name that is being heard every nook and corner of the filmnagar now. His latest film Jersey is currently in the theatres. Starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath, Jersey is an emotional drama that opened to positive reviews from the critics and audiences. Within just two days of the release, the film got a super hit talk and the buyers are confident of recovering their investments.

Meanwhile, everyone shifted their focus to this director who is just another director in the film industry till Jersey's release. His conviction in story-telling and direction skills made him a star already. With first film Malli Rava, Gowtham pulled off a stunner by giving Sumanth, the much-needed break in career. With Jersey, Gowtham gave the career's best film for Nani and everyone is curious to know the director's next movie now.

As per the reports, Gowtham is not in a hurry to sign his next film. Gowtham wants to take a break and wanted to take the things slowly. Gowtham did not sign any new projects and we may get to know about the same after Jersey hangover comes down.

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