Chiranjeevi's Wish Saved Sunil From Death

Sunil is one of the top comedians in the film industry who enjoys craze, stardom and a big fan base. From small roles to solo hero roles, Sunil did everything to entertain the audiences. After having a rough phase as a solo hero, he finally got back to taking up comedian roles in the second innings.

Recently, he interacted with the media and shared a near-to-death experience and added that Chiranjeevi's words helped him to escape the death that day.

"During the shoot of Tagore, I had to go to my home in Bheemavaram. I informed annayya Chiranjeevi. He wished me to have a safe journey and told me to wear a seat belt as I will be traveling in a car. Usually, I don't have the habit of wearing a seat belt but because annayya told me, I obliged. I met with an accident that day and I escaped with minor injuries. Wearing a seat belt helped me escape death, otherwise, I would not be here today to tell this." said Sunil.
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