#PKLeaks: Pawan Have Nothing To Say!

As many as 40 Audio Tapes have been circulated through various YouTube Channels since a month. The sole intention behind this bad propaganda with #PKLeaks is to tarnish the image of Pawan Kalyan ahead of 2019 Elections using the name of Poonam Kaur.

Poonam Kaur lodged a complaint with Cyber Crime Department in Hyderabad against 36 YouTube Channels. The Actress revealed she came to know about the doctored Audio Tapes only on Baisakhi Day (April 14th) when her cousins brought it to her notice. Poonam claimed to be shell shocked to know how she was made a scapegoat by somebody for their political motives.

The fake Audio Tapes contain shocking allegations on Pawan Kalyan, his friend Trivikram Srinivas and few Actresses. The voice of the Woman making accusations was projected as that of Poonam Kaur by YouTube Channels which uploaded them.

Cyber Crime Additional DCP Raghuvir told, 'Focus is currently on those who uploaded those doctored Audio Clips on YouTube. Will focus on questioning the persons who's names were mentioned in the conversations only if any of those involved in those phone calls file a complaint'.

Pawan Kalyan remained mum when his reputation was tarnished with doctored audio tapes and even after Poonam Kaur filed the complaint. He might be of the feeling that there is nothing to say and law will take its own course.

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