The Real Drama Is In This State...

While in the rest of the country, the fight is for Lok Sabha seats, an altogether different game is being played in Tamil Nadu. The most important thing, in fact more important than the Lok Sabha elections, is the bye-election to 18 assembly seats. The results of these bypolls will determine the future of the Palaniswamy –led AIADMK government.  Also, the results of the Lok Sabha seats could also have an impact on the future sustainability of the state government.

Bypolls are being held for 18 of the 22 vacancies in Tamil Nadu assembly. One seat fell vacant only recently and three seats are embroiled in legal issues. So, the poll is being held for 18 seats only. If the DMK wins all these 18 seats, then Palaniswamy government will fall and Stalin would become the CM. The AIADMK has to win 11 seats at least to retain the government. It is already in a minority. Even otherwise, the mood in general is in favour of the DMK front. If DMK wins majority of seats in the Lok Sabha and wins considerable seats in the assembly bypolls, there could be a spate of defections into the DMK from the AIADMK and eventually, the Palaniswamy government might even fall. There could even be mid-term polls in Tamil Nadu.

So, interesting times ahead in Tamil Nadu and there could be some political thrill or the other every minute in this volatile and politically dynamic state. Watchout for those exciting developments in this space.

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